Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh

Member of Parliament (MP), Kaisarganj (Gonda, Uttar Pradesh). (Formar President Wrestling Federation of India. ) Educational Qualifications: M.A. L.L.B. Educated at Saket Mahavidyalaya, Avadh University, Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh. Profession: Social Worker, Sportsperson and Politician. Positions Held: Elected as 10th Lok Sabha Member in 1991 and Re-elected as 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th and 17th Lok Sabha Member. Started a massive public campaign 'Sakshar, Swastha & Harit Devipatan Mandal' (साक्षर, स्वस्थ और हरित देवीपाटन मंडल), which led to notable transformation in the field of education, health and environment in the Devipatan Mandal area.

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