Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh is Cousin Grandson of Freedom fighter Late Shri Chandrabhan sharan singh. Brijbhushan sharan singh was born with politics in his blood. His cousin Grandfather was legislator. Family of 6 had lived in village Bisnoharpur (Gonda).
4 brothers died natural death. That Time, Brijbhushan sharan was of only 10-12 years. He remember that he used to roam in the farms holding finger of his elder brother. His three more brothers died in a span of two to three years. God has stripped off the shadow of the big brothers.

His primary education took place in village and studied in Shri Gandhi Inter College Nawab Ganj till 8th standard in Gonda district (Uttar Pradesh) But the sudden death of his four brothers had grown enemity with pattidars. And at that time it was the work of kings to provide them conservation who were so influential politically. The reason behind was that Late Chandrabhan sharan singh used to oppose feudal events.
This leads to conceptual conflicts between king and Late chandrabhan sharan singh. Therefore, King took some influential people of bisnoharpur in contact and through this medium used to opposed their family.

Situation turned so worse that the Shri Gandhi Intercollege which was only 5 km away from village, it caused troublesome to reach there. Sometimes, opposition attack with the intention of killing and Once upon a time he jumped into the lake to save his life. Taking into account, the safety of Mr. BrijBhushan Sharan singh , His family took a major decision to send him to his maternal uncle’s home in Chaura-Chauri(Goakhpur) for his further studies in 1972. His Maternal uncle was government employee. When he was of only 16 years, pattidars demolished his home due to Family rivalry and attacked on them at 7 p.m.. Local police arrived at 2 p.m. and lodged complainst against both sides. Police arrested Brij bhushan sharan singh along with his father and uncle. That time a fake case under 307 registered against them in 1974 for the first time.

Besides studies he shared personal contacts with students leader like (late Ravinder Singh, Guddu Jaiswal, sheetal Pandey, Vishkarma Dwivedi, late Balwant Singh) too.
In the field of wrestling he shares a very close bond with famous wrestlers(Late Janardhan Singh, Ram Aasre, Late Ramachandra wrestler, Ganga Prasad) of that time. Badminton’s famous player sayyed Modi was his good friend.
Since Childhood, He love his wellness a lot. . He used to do horse riding, yoga, exercise and wrestling every morning. This Passion increased with passage of time and leads to deep interest in wrestling.
When he was of only 16 years, pattidars demolished his home due to Family rivalry and attacked on them at 7 p.m.. Local police arrived at 2 p.m. and lodged complainst against both sides. Police arrested Brij bhushan sharan singh along with his father and uncle. That time a fake case under 307 registered against them in 1974 for the first time.

This affected the youth Brijbhushan sharan singh deeply and a feeling of social service rised in his heart. During this period, he was at his village in Summer vacation and for the intention of taking admission in collage, he visited saket High college. There, An incident took place which leads to his Social service life. There, some boys were eveteasing. Brijbhushan sharan singh couldnot resist himself from saving the respect of girls. He replied those naughty boys. Then Gradually he became students leader. Every youth supported him and with a heavy vote he won students union election in 1979. Eastern districts of purvanchal supported him . Meanwhile, his family decided his marriage with ketki devi in 1980.


Name: Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh
Father's Name Late Shri Jagdamba Sharan Singh
Mother's Name Smt. Pyari Devi Singh
Date of Birth 08 Jan 1957
Place of Birth Bishnoherpur, Distt. Gonda (Uttar Pradesh)
Post member of parliament (MP), Gonda
Marital Status
Marital Status Married
Date of Marriage 11 Jun 1981
Spouse's Name Smt. Ketki Devi Singh
No. of Sons 2
No.of Daughters 1
Educational Qualifications
Qualification M.A., LL.B. Educated at Saket Mahavidyalay, Avadh University, Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh
Profession Agriculturist Social Worker, Musician, Sportsperson


1991 Elected to 10th Lok Sabha Member, Standing Committee on Science and Technology Member, Consultative Committee, Ministry of Railways
1999 Re-elected to 13th Lok Sabha (2nd term)
1999-2000 Member, Standing Committee on Railways Member, Standing Comittee on Labour Member, Public Accounts Committee
2000-2004 Member, Consultative Committee, Ministry of Railways
2004 Re-elected to 14th Lok Sabha( 3rd term) Member, Public Accounts Committee Member, Standing Committee on Home Affairs Member, Consultative Committee, Ministry of Defence
5 Aug. 2006 Member, Standing Committee on Home Affairs
5 Aug. 2007 Member, Standing Committee on Home Affairs
1 May 2008 Member, Committee on Estimates
2009 Re-elected to 15th Lok Sabha (4th term)
6 Aug. 2009 Member, Committee on Estimates
31 Aug. 2009 Member, Standing Committee on Human Resource Development
1 May 2010 Member, Committee on Estimates
9 Jun. 2013 Member, House Committee
15 March 2014 Resigned from 15th Lok Sabha.
May, 2014 Re-elected to 16th Lok Sabha (5th term)
1 Sep. 2014 onwards Member, Committee on Absence of Members from the Sittings of the House
1 Sep. 2014 - 31 Aug. 2016 Member, Standing Committee on Food, Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution
Sep. 2014 Member, Consultative Committee, Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports
1 Sep. 2016 onwards Member, Standing Committee on Urban Development

The King of Gonda Mr. koshlendra dutt ram advised him to come in politics actively. Energetic Brij bhushan sharan singh contested for director of sugarcane committee for the first time in 1987 which merely had 33 votes. King forcefully control 27 voters with administration. But when the result announced, Brijbhushan sharan singh got 27 votes and opposition got only 6 votes.

He contested next Election for major blocks and defeated by only 1 vote in 1988.

In between 1989- 1990, he made up his mind to contest in legislative council elections. That time, the king of Gonda used to consider him as his son. The king himself was of old janta dal ideology. He advised brij bhushan sharan singh to contest election from BJP. Because Gonda needs a Hindu leader. First election and that was the moment when he came into contact with BJP. He got defeated by only 14 votes but become popular Hindu leader. Meanwhile, RamjanmBhumi Movement was gaining momentum. Besides Gonda, he was also popular among saints of Ayodhya. In his School life, he had blessings of (Late Ramchandra Paramhans, Nitya Gopan daas and in wrestlers, Harishankar das, Swami gyan daas, dharm daas) almost evey saints. He got famous in RaamjanmBhumi Andolan. Even in the Chariot journey, Aadvani was arrested in bihar and the administration of faizabad arrested Brijbhushan for one month in jail too.

When Aadvani came out of jail, they started his first journey from ayodhya. And in that Gonda to faizabad, faizabad to ayodhya ghat, and ayodhya to lucknow, Brijbhhushan stand with Aadvani like a charioteer.

He handled movement shoulder to shoulder with Aadvani.

Considering the popularity of Brijbhushan sharan singh, he fought election against Aanand singh in 1991. And he won by 1,13000 votes and became Member of parliament from Gonda District.

Due to brijbhushan being locked because of TADA, BJP gave ticket to his wife Smt. Ketki devi and won election by 80,000 votes against Aanand singh.

In 1999, Party gave him ticket from Balrampur constituency which was considered as KARMBHOOMI of Shri Vajpayee. Brijbhushan won election by 54000 votes.

Again, in 2004 Brijbhushan sharan singh won in 14th loksabha. Meanwhile, BSP supreemo declared the name of Gonda to “Loknayak jaiprakash Narayan Nagar”. But among people, Brijbhushan sharan singh emphasize and opposed this decision. And with a mass protest the movement. With the support of Mr. Atal bihari Vajpayee, Mayawati announced to take his decision back. The name of Gonda remained same. But this lead to some conflicts and he left the party and contested from Kaiserganj constituency in 2009 from SP. Brijbhushan sharan singh won again dur to his popularity with 63000 votes. But the views of SP and Brijbhushan was totally different. So, He resigned SP.

Again, due to request of BJP he won by 73000 votes from kaiserganj constituency in 2014.

Social charge and contribute to the education

Approximately, he has made 54 institutions in which 500-600 students are gaining education in each institute particularly.Education enlightens the way of humans. Keeping this in mind, he has made schools, institutions not only in his constituency but in other places too and moved towards development of country through education. The school provides scholarships to poor students annually. Bright students get rewarded also. There is a tradition to honour students with gold medal who scores highest marks in Board examinations. Every Citizen must be literate in twenty-first century, So he wants to implement education for all effectively.

Some time ago, MP Shri Brijbhushan Sharan Singh has given slogan of “Green Gonda” and successfully completed these lines. Except Gonda, Saansad Shri Brijbhushan Sharan has himself planted more than 5 lakh trees in vicinity. Because Since childhood, he shares great bond with nature. People, workers have planted 50 lakh trees from his inspiration.

He has a unique way of planting trees. He used to say workers that he will come their home on a cup of tea and make yourself ready for planting trees.

Visiting door to door he is boosting the plantation campaign. He distributes 50,000 plats every year. Really his style is very peculiar. The place of purvanchal where Acacia used to grown but today, the land is shining from greenery. Approx 51 Institutions are collaborated with Mr. Brijbhushan to rise this campaign everyday.

He says that trees not only makes earth fertile but generate consciousness in our life too. If we want to preserve our culture and society, then we must plant more trees and should maintain and protect them too.

The pollution caused by air, water and soil can be reduce only by plantation.